What Does It Mean When A Guy Holds You, Kisses You And Holds Your Hand?


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Tracy Koroma answered
When a guy holds you, kisses you, and holds your hand, there’s a pretty good chance he’s got some serious feelings for you!

Does That Mean He Loves Me?
It’s certainly possible. If it’s not love, then he definitely cares for you a lot.

All the things you mentioned are really romantic - I doubt he’d bother being so sweet and caring if you were just a bit of fun to him.

When you hold someone, it usually means that you want them close to you because their company makes you happy. Some guys find it hard to show their feelings, so it’s really nice when they do let you know how much you mean to them!

How Do I Know He Doesn’t Just Want Sex?
If he just wanted sex, I don’t think he’d be acting so romantically. It definitely seems like he’s with you because he genuinely feels for you.

Relationships are all about trust, so if he trusts you enough to lay his emotions on the line, you should trust him enough to believe those feelings as genuine.

Besides, when a guy holds your hand, it’s often because he’s proud to be with you and wants everybody to know that you’re an item. He wouldn’t do that if it was only lust!
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Becky Dillishaw answered
That he really loves/likes you and wants you to know that, and that he is sort of a romantic type of guy...
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He really loves you.

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