When Guys Hold Your Hands Does This Mean They're Into You Or Just Want To Hook Up With You?


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On it's own, you can't read too much in to just holding hands.

It all depends on the context and other behaviour.

Holding hands is a visible sign of affection for both you and everyone else who sees it.

So a clue to how he feels is not whether he holds your hand but when.

If he holds your hand in front of his friends, his or your parents or his work colleagues, it's a good indication that he is in to you.

He is essentially telling those people that you are together and he doesn't mind who knows about it.

Similarly, if you are holding hands until his friends appear and then he distances himself from you, that could be an indication that he is not that in to you. Don't panic if this has happened though, it could just mean that he's not ready for people to know about you yet. Only worry about it if he says he's ready to be your partner and then stops holding your hand when you're in company.

Holding hands needs to be put in to context by looking at his other behaviour. If he's always trying to get you to go further when you are kissing but won't hold your hand in public then it's a bad sign.

If he pushes your hand away when you try to hold his, it's could be a bad sign but not all men like holding hands so don't read too much into it if he's not really in to touching even when you're not in public.

So consider what he's like when you're on your own.

If his hands are all over you but he doesn't like holding hands in public, he just wants to hook up.

If he doesn't like holding hands but keeps them to himself when you are alone then relax, he's probably just shy and is in to you.
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When a guy holds your hand he is into you... He wants to feel close to you, whether it be for that special time together with him or a couple of more dates after that... At that moment in time, all he cares about is you.. And how he wants to be close to you, it's a special thing...
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It really depends on the guy. Some guys hold hands because they want to feel closer to their gal. Some guys hold hands because they want others to know that, in a matter of speaking, you are theirs (showing off the girl they have).

Your best bet is to talk to the guy and see what he is really after. By talking, you should be able to determine what they are after by the quality of their speech.
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But what if he dint want to talk to you tho what am i suppose to do im so confused and heart broken
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From my point of view, it means that he wants to be closer to his girl and he wants to feel her closer and closer every time...!!!! Without holding you can't determine if he really like you, so if he holds you, it means that he really want to be your boy and not only the boyfriend, but also your sincerely boyfriend, lovely by his girlfriend boy! But of COURSE there are many answers but thats my opinion! 
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I know I'm a girl but when a guy holds your hand it usually means that he wants to share chemistry with you and he wants to be with you
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Most of the time with young guys, holding hands is an expression of; possession, this one is mine, we are of the same mind (which isn't necessarily true). Most of the time it is a display (not always). You still have a say in how far this goes.
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I think it depends.. I had a guy kiss me and tell me he loved me and made out with me and I thought he was into me.. Turns out he just wanted to hook up.. Don't know about guys these days!
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I think if you have done anything sexual he might be trying to get some but if you have and he still wants to hold hands in public then he really is into you and doesnt want to lose you,
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They may like you but they also might want to be friends.
I held a girls hand during a class field trip in the sixth grade only because my brother held his girlfriends hand.
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They just want one thing or maybe they are into you but you will never know about guys there stupid never let a guy say he loves you and than the next day him saying oh I never said that
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Well it ussually depends on who the guy is

if he is known to be a player he actually might want a serious relationship or he just wants to hit that

and if hes sweet he probably wants to get lucky
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I don't know about that ether because I have a boy buddy named Nathan he hold my hand too I don't  know if he liked me my friends.   say we are girlfriend and boy friend. 
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I don't know... My true love and I never hooked up... When we finally did 17yrs later... It was amazing, he held my hand and plus held me close and tightly all night... I felt that he still might have feelings for me... But I mean after 9yrs of no contact... We do need to get to know each other all over again... Its sad but at 30 we sutter when we talk to each other... And make tons or excuses... But then there are times when I text or call and he response throws me way off... So sweetie if you figure it out please share... Lol I want to know...
P.s. I didn't mind if it was just sex... I would have liked to keep it going... I totally regret letting him go in the past...
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Me I don't care anymore about guys I lost the love of my life and yes I may be only 17 goin on 18 and I found my one true love but now hes gone so many guys say that hes dumb for letting me go but the others say that I'm to good for him so that it was a good thing anyways
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If you are lucky, you will have many more such great feelings for someone. We can never see the suns brilliance at night, when people in Thailand and China are getting a nice tan at the same time. You cannot feel the comfort of a full stomach before you get to the table and have a few bites of good food.

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