What If A Guy Tries To Hold My Hand?


5 Answers

Olivia Alt Profile
Olivia Alt answered
It depends if you want to. If you do then go for it but if you don't then tell him. If he really likes you he will understand.
Scott Harle Profile
Scott Harle answered
Well ask yourself the question: Do I like him? If you do like the guy then I say let him 
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Let him if you like him,,But if you don't like him don't let him otherwise he may think you like him back like he likes you
AleahMarie Profile
AleahMarie answered
Well if he likes you enough to ask, then if you like him, let him!

My ex asked me if he could hold my hand, if he could hug me(the first and second time) and if it was okay to kiss me(the first ten times. : ) ) I think it's sweet!

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