My Girlfriend Has OCD And Her Grandma Died, I Keep Trying To Call But I Cant Get A Hold Of Her What Should I Do?


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OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder, can be of great concern to you, as her partner, as you may worry, that her being upset, will throw her off course, and she may have difficulties. You don't not mention if she lives at home with her parents, or on her own, or with friends.

Is there someone else you could contact, and calmly tell them without alarming them, that you are concerned that she has not called, and that you can't get hold of her. They may be able to set your mind at rest, or may know where she is. It is possible that perhaps, she is just taking her time to absorb the shock of a death of a family member, and will need some help. You need to keep doing what you are, and offering support.
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I know OCD, or obsessive compulsive disorder is a disease that can cause much worry and distress for the patient, as well as for the others around him or her.
It is very sad that your girlfriend's grandmother died; tragedies and disasters can often set off an acute case of anxiety and panic attacks, and since your girlfriend has already been diagnosed with OCD, and you say that you are not able to contact her, then this may well mean that she is not well.
You can either try to call other relatives of your girlfriend that you know of, and ask them to check on her, or you could try taking some time off to visit your girlfriend, to make sure that she is all right and is doing OK.
After all, a friend in need is a friend indeed, right? Today, nobody has the time for the next person, and if you are indeed able to go to visit her, then this gesture of love will be greatly appreciated, and your girlfriend will remember it for a long long time…

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