My Girlfriend Has Schizophrenia I Am Trying To Help But She Doesn't Want My Help, What Should I Do?


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In what way are you trying to help her? This problem that latches to so many of our fellow human beings is nothing to play with. They can love you one moment and slap you before you blink your eyelids. They are not in a position to make a choice of help, and it is doubtful you can help her other than seeking mental help. If she is just your girl friend, perhaps her family will step in. If she does not have close family and she becomes a daonger to herself or anyone, involve the law enforcers. She may hate you until she is well, but you may well be saving her as well as others.
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Get her to a doctor asap. This is a no kidding disease. Most all people with Schizophrenia do not like to take their medication. Period. You must get her there. Get her on her meds. Get structured and surf the net like a crazy man to learn EVERYTHING about her disease. It is a lot of work on your part and will be everyday. If you are in love with her....should not be a burden. Otherwise A LOT OF FAMILIES GIVE UP ON THEIR FAMILIES AND LOVED ONES DUE TO THE INPUT AND STRESS THEY HAVE TO PUT UP WITH. I myself have other disorders...very savvy on all mental disorders and know that this is just the very basics. Hope I helped.
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Everything she said is TRUE !!!  But do not force her, convince her, that it is best for you both, don't deliver ultimatums and let her know that you know it's not her fault. I wish it would've been my man on here asking that question if you care trust in what I say... Be her friend not her enemy I'm pretty sure she has enough enemies in her own head...  I know I do... Please do not give up on her... Best Wishes and my prayers will be with you both... Just remember hope helps faith!
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My heart breaks for you.  My father was a paranoid schizophrenic.  He refused help as well.  But this, you see, is the nature of the disease.  Encourage her to go to the Dr.  Tell her you are there for her.  But don't push her.  What helped my father? Prayer.  It provided the strength I needed and the peace my father desperately sought.   Don't give up if you love her, but protect yourself.  You can't help her if YOU fall apart.  Take care!
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I agree.. I'm 16 and my gf is 15.. We've been together on and off 4 about a year and 8 months.. Shes seen a Doctor about it and 2morow shes going to see a councilor or mental specialist (I don't know what their called) I'm worried about her and our relationship so Dude I feel you on this one.. Dw man I thought I couldnt do it but dude serious if you love her and you want to be there for her be strong and you'll pull through together..

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