What Does It Mean When A Girl Blushes When You Say A Guy's Name?


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wilbert u can call me sue Profile
Blusing is a sure fire sign of a reaction to the name, whether they like them, or they did something embarrasing in front of this person and are reminded when they hear their name. There are many reasons why a person blushes, one is they like the person, and another, they did something foolish that they wish they haden't. Up to you to figure, and it is difficult if this person is unwilling to discuss
michelle Delapena Profile
Maybe that while your saying a guys name that guy she likes that or he admired it second maybe while you were talking she saw her crush and third something remind her about that person
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
It means she likes the person you mentioned
Kk polly Profile
Kk polly answered

I generally blush when my friends ask me about boys, just cause I don't want to talk about it, not because I like boys.

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