What Does It Mean When A Guy Says 'Good Night'?


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If a guy wishes you a 'good night', it generally means he hopes that you have a pleasant night (possibly with plenty of sleep).

On the other hand, the 'way' he says it might tell a different story:

What does a guy mean when he says 'good night'? The way a guy says, 'good night' probably means more than the actual words themselves.

For example, if a guy has walked you to your door, and then says 'good night', but doesn't turn to leave - he might be hoping for something more.

In this case he could be after anything from a good night kiss to a cup of coffee...

What does his 'good night' actually mean?

Tone of voice is an important clue to what the phrase 'good night' actually means.

If a guy wishes you 'good night' in a short and abrupt tone, it is possible that he is frustrated or upset with you.

Body language is also useful in interpreting  exactly what is meant by 'good night.'

If a guy is in bed with you and wishes you 'good night' as he turns his back to you, this could mean he's very tired.

Instead, if he cuddles you and whispers the word gently in your ear, he might be feeling more amorous.

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It's usually just a polite "good-bye" and shows he's being nice. Don't look into it too much!

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It depends on his skill with punctuation: he might end it with a full stop, an exclamation mark, an ellipsis, or a question mark.

Full stop (.) just means he's saying, "Good night."

Exclamation mark (!) probably means, "It's been a lousy evening. I don't like you and I didn't enjoy our conversation. Thank God I won't have to put up with you again."

Ellipsis (...) leaves it open-ended. He's looking forward to another date and another opportunity to say "Good night" to you, possibly followed by a question mark.

Question mark (?) means, "C'mon, Baby, it's cold out here. Wouldn't you rather invite me in and turn this into a really good night.

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That his dealings with you for the evening are over.

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It is some sort of greeting during night time, showing some respect to the other person.

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