When a guy blushes all the time around you what's going on in his head? What does it mean?


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I think that he likes you or maybe he's just doing it to be funny but he likes you aint no saying that he aint cause don't no guy just come up to a girl and just keeps smiling at her but if you 2 like each other then go for it

good luck! :) go ahead girl go get yo man
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This could most likely mean that he's feeling shy or embarassed about something. If he's doing it around you often it could mean that he's embarassed about something that he doesn't want you to know. But if you're lucky, it could mean that he likes you and anytime he sees you, he feels a bit shy. No one really knows what are going around in one's mind except for that themselves so if you feel like it is bothering you, then ask them. But it's probably best that you don't. Plus it's fun wondering about stuff like this.
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Means he is in love!!!!

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