What Does It Mean When A Guy Puts His Head On Your Shoulder While He Is Sleeping?


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Reading someone's body language is a good way of getting insight into their personality.

If a guy is leaning on your shoulder when he sleeps, this can mean a number different things. Here are a few interpretations:

What does it mean when a guy rests on your shoulder when he's sleeping? A guy does a lot of things during his sleep that can act as a mirror into his personality and heart.

When I'm in bed with my man, he often cuddles or spoons me when he's sleeping.

When I ask him if he remembers doing it in the morning, he always says he doesn't have any recollection of it, which I take that to mean he is subconsciously affectionate towards me.

If your guy is leaning on you, this can be a sign he's feeling the following:

  • He sees you as dependable or reliable
  • He trusts you
  • He relies on you greatly
Just remember, body language on its own is not enough to read a guy's heart - and to get a clear insight into your man's spirit, you should take into consideration the way he acts when he's awake too.

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He's insecure! He won't show it when he's awake, but in his subconscious, he's insecure!!

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