What Does It Mean When A Guy Bites His Lip While Looking At A Girl?


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Tracy Koroma answered
If a guy bites his lip when he looks at you, he probably likes you! There are two main types of lip-biting, though - so it’s important that you know which type the guy is doing.

Lip-Biting And Nervousness
Many people bite their lip when they’re nervous. To find out if this is the case for your guy, you need to look at his body language, and see what else he’s doing.

If he’s avoiding eye-contact, fidgeting, blushing, or just generally looking shy, then there’s a good chance he’s nervous.

Guys often get nervous around girls who they find attractive, so take it as a compliment!

Lip-Biting And Flirting
If a man stares directly at you when he bites his lip, and it looks deliberate, he’s probably not shy at all - he’s trying to be seductive.

Sometimes, this just comes across as arrogant. You’ll definitely be able to tell the difference between a shy man and a cocky one!

A guy who deliberately bites his lip when he’s looking at you is trying to tell you that he finds you really attractive, and that he isn’t ashamed that he’s been caught looking.

This can be quite intimidating sometimes, so just ignore him if you don’t like it - and if you do like it, smile and bite your lip right back at him!
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I'd go with him being nervous. I am a man, trust me.
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aaliyah brown answered
It means that person is nervous around her.

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