What does it mean when a guy stares at you for a while?


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Well it depends .... If he stares at you a lot then he prob likes you next time you see him doing that look back at him if he quickly looks away then theres something there. If he keeps staring and smiles or waves then there is also something there. But if he just looks at you like he does every girl then no hes not interested ... Kinda confusing but I think you got it! ;]
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Marie Rodriguez
Well he stares when he walks by me and he smiles and he also stares when I'm walking to class(hes in my class).
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He is not blind


your a beauty ?
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It means he want to flirt ;-)
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Stares at you and holds eye contact with you? Olala, he probably likes you. If he's just staring at you, it would feel creepy for me...   Good luck! <3

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