How Do You Know A Guy Likes You? He Waves And Smiles At Me. Tell Me What You Think. Does He Like Me?


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He is probably just being friendly. But if he is looking and smiling at you often he probably likes you
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He could be just saying hi && stuff
but go for it && get to kno him more
before you get your hopes up....

Get to know him better && see how
it goes from there (:
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No it would not be wrong but you only have a smile and a wave to go on, I would think you need more proof don't make a mistake and take his action for more than what it is,you would need to ask him,you sound like you care for him but not sure about his feelings, he could just being friendly....good luck   
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you right I guess i got a little head over hills.we have a real good friendship.i don't want to break that.
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Don't assume that his general gestures is an indication that he likes you. It's possible this is how he greets everyone. If you and his sister are close, I would collect her thoughts on the two of you dating before making any moves. If she's okay with it, then gradually engage in conversation with him and find out from their if there's any mutual interest. Good luck
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Usually it means friendly
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It don,t have to mean he wants to get you in the sack. Maybe he,s just being friendly. I smiled at a lot of women but it don,t mean I want to lay them.

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