What Does It Mean When A Guy Kisses You And Keeps His Eyes Open?


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If a guy kisses you with his eyes wide open, it can mean a number of things.

It might be a sign of insecurity, inexperience, or simply that he can't take his eyes off you!

Why does he kiss me with his eye open?
People tend to kiss with their eyes closed.

Until now, I've never really considered why - I guess it usually just happens naturally.

If your boyfriend/husband/lover/pool boy is kissing you with his eyes wide open, it could simply be because he's not that experienced.

In this case, you'll probably need to guide him a little.

Another possibility is that the guy in question is sending out a sign that he's nervous. Maybe he's on the look-out for something? (perhaps a secret girlfriend he hasn't told you about?).

It could also just be that he is so stunned by your beautiful face that he simply cannot close his eyes when he's around you.

What's wrong with kissing with your eyes open? In cats, prolonged eye-contact is a sign of aggression, and a similar sentiment can occur in humans too.
Whilst there is nothing inherently wrong, weird or creepy about kissing someone with your eyes open - people just tend not to kiss that way.

It's because there is a certain amount of discomfort associated with trying to focus on something that is so close-up to your face.

Kissing passionately usually involves immersing yourself fully into what you are doing. If you've got your eyes open, that might be a bit of a distraction.
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It either means guys like us are surprised, happy, or making sure you're not going to slip us something!

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