What does it mean when sparks fly as soon as you see a new guy at your school and you always see him stearing at you from the corner of his eye?


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He is interested and you are interested.
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Belinda Nel answered
Where does the sparks fly? If it is your internal sparks - maybe you like the subtle attention he is giving you. If it is external sparks - it most probably can end up in a fight.
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Sam Eggleton
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No. He's a soft guy. And we bearly talk. But the first time we gazed into eachothers eyes I broke the gaze. And I'm not as popular as he is. So it surpised me. Everytime I think about it I'm like 'Wait a minute. He does like me.'
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You are excited that you my a chance with him, you may like the way he looks, but if this is your first time it means he could be special. If he looks at you he's probably feeling the same or manipulating you, because he's new
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Sam Eggleton
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Thx for the advise but it turned out he didnt really like me. And now I'm stuck between choosing two guys that love me too death. Ironic huh?

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