What If Your Ex Boyfriend Stares At You Does That Mean He Likes You Still?


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Sometimes it can mean that, but other times no. It could mean that he does still like you but hes trying to get over you. And if this happens and your single I would talk to him to see how hes feeling and see if he still does like you. But most likely he probably still does.
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Me and my ex dated for a day. =/ I used to like him for a whole year but then this year I got ovver him and I foundd out he likeed me. So he told me and he asked me out. I decided to give him a chance but I wissh I didnt coz now we don't really talk much we fiind eveerything so awkward but in school I catch him looking at me all the timeee but when I look he looks away. And on msn he dontt talk to me and in  school. The only time he doees talk is when ttheres someething important but I no he wants 2 talk to me. I jus think he cares aboutt his reputation  to much. Butt I want to no if he still likees me. =/
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This happened to me, we dated for a day and then just stopped talking for some reason:/ then three months later he breaks up with me leaving me confused because nothing happened n I thought we were friends. Its been a year now n I catch him staring like dead on amost as if hes thinking and he knows I see him bt wont turn away until I stare back or his friend calls him. Iv had this happen multiple times yet we don't talk.

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