How to be happy and enjoy life when you're not worth being loved?


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Learn to love yourself and that void will be filled

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You're worth it. You can't expect others to love & respect you, if you don't love & respect yourself first. Love yourself & accept yourself the way you are & how you are & you'll see how people will accept you the same way. Never count yourself worthless anyway. You're worth it, you have your own abilities & unique style. 

Once you realize what you are capable of, you won't talk like this again, just find your confident side & enjoy life. You can, you always can, no matter what. This life is a gift, & you are  part of it, a piece of puzzle that complete it, so stay part of it & ignite your abilities & let your true self shine through.

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You can't. This thought will cripple you and won't let you "live". Consider it an untold law. You need to get away from whatever it is that is making you think that you are not worth being loved .

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