In in the 7th grade, and tomorrow is the valentine's dance. There's a girl i want to slow dance with but i dont know her that well. Plus I was nervous and told my parents there were no slow dances but there are. What do i do?


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Aw, this question is really cute! You have to think about the risk, if you've got two left feet, don't do it. You'll just embarrass yourself. On the other hand you could try, providing you're not clumsy like me.
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Just do what you choose to. Always go with your heart. People should not tell you what to do about things like that you should just think of how your choose. Remember its all about your heart not about how others.
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Jacob Med
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Thanks everyone, we danced and it was a lot of fun. Thanks for the advice. :)
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Thats what we are here for. To help people and give them advise when needed

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