How To Act Sexy Around Your Man?


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My hubby finds it very sexy when I don't try to be sexy...just the other I was at the gym listening to my Mp3 player working out in my own little world and my hubby thought it was crazy sexy...
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No act! How to be sexy! Until you find that sexy zone that just comes naturally you can give him that look, run your fingers behind his neck, wear a skirt, write a note: TOUCH ME, sexy hair, pat on the butt
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Honestly just being yourself is the sexiest thing you can ever do to your man. Cause if he thinks you are already sexy then you don't have to worry about "acting" sexy. What I usually do is I ask him if he wants to go take a shower with me or go cuddle somewhere so we can relax and he is all yours. If he doesn't feel comfortable doing that. Ask him what he wants. You should get a response. 
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The shower is a good one because it shows that your comfortable around him and that your not afraid to show him your body and that your all his and that he can have you, it should do the trick.
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Try kissing ,like on the cheek ,feel comfortabel around arkwardness.and feel great when works.

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