How Do I Create More Quality Time Alone With My Husband?


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Modern life can prove to be very hectic. When you're not rushing off to work, it's quite likely you'll be dashing about trying to run errands and attempting to conquer menial chores such as washing and ironing. If you have kids, this will add more time-consuming extras into your life, like school-runs and getting the kids into bed.

Indeed, being married can be hectic. Although you have chosen to spend your lives together, quite often you might find that you're apart - and wishing it wasn't so.

Making time for your husband needn't be just another chore, just follow some of these tips to make your life more rewarding with him:

1. Share your journey to work together, if you go to the same place. Even if this means he drops you off at your office first, and picks you up on the way home. It will give you an opportunity to talk in the confines of the car, listen to some of your favourite music and have an early morning sing along!

2. If you regularly have nights out with friends (either together or apart) spend the hour before you leave the house having your very own "happy hour". Enjoy one another's company over a few glasses of wine to start the night off.

3. Take up a competitive sport together, such as tennis or squash. All the running around and sweating will get your fired up and in the mood for something far more sensual.

4. Plan ahead. Book either end of the weekend off work together, and escape to the country for some you-time. If you have kids, pack them off to your parent's and explain you need some time alone - they'll understand! A cottage tucked amongst some remote hills (think Scotland or the Peaks) with a roaring fire and plenty of walks will really refresh you. Alternatively, book into a plush Spa and pamper yourselves stupid for those precious 4 days.

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Plan ahead. That's the simple solution. Although you and your husband may have busy agenda's, but all that can be corrected by planning ahead. Plan a night out on the town. A candle light dinner with all the trimmings. If you have children, find a baby sitter. If you and your husband has a cell phone then only accept emergency calls, meaning life or death! Or you can even make reservations to a nice hotel and spend the night, just the two of you and enjoy each other's company.
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Make a date with him. When you were dating, where was your favorite place to go? Make a date and do that. You two found the time to be together before you were married, you can do it again. Got children? Get a babysitter.
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My opinion. Don't make it a set date every single week. It could get boring and too repetitive.
Ask him to write down his schedule for you. According to that, you can also make it once a week, but surprise him with his fav wine / fav meal if you yourself do not have a lot of time. Rent a movie. If you have kids, babysitter / close family. Although do not exclude them all the time because they need quality time with him too. Go for walks, go to the fairground. Rekindle the joys of just being together.
Make him long to come home to see you every night.
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Set a day aside each week for a date alone with him(no kids, if you have any). This way, you can get to know each other again and realize how much you mean to the other.
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