I am a stay at home mom in South Dakota and my husband wants a divorce! I don't know what to do. I have no money?


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Okay so is your concern about salvaging the relationship or about the money? If you want to salvage the relationship, I am unfortunately not qualified to say anything about this since I've never been married. You can always try talking to a marriage counselor but you'll probably have to somehow get through to your husband about seeing this counselor. 

But if you have concerns about money, go talk to a lawyer about this and they should be able to help you out about legal actions you can take concerning money. For instance, since you're a mom, you can try to get custody of your children and ask for child support from your children's father. I don't know the details regarding this since I don't study the law, so you'll have to get filled in by a lawyer. You don't necessarily have to hire them but I'm assuming that you could at least talk to them about this and see what your options are. 

Also, it wouldn't hurt to find a job and get some support from friends and family. Anyway, I hope that things go well for you. Sorry if I couldn't be much help.

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You will have his financial support in the form of a divorce settlement, as well as you will be awarded your half of all your marital assets. He will have to pay alimony and child support (if you have children).

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