What Do Men Want When It Comes To Relationship?


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 Perhaps because they hold you dear and yet they fear a lasting commitment. That may be what most women feel at first, thinking their man wants a lasting relationship. And perhaps he may feel that way as well. But those feeling are sometimes temporary and men later along in the relationship may feel discouraged. It's love they think they want, and some men fail to comprehend the true meaning of love. When they witness their special other become affectionate and open with feelings, discouragement is a possible occurance. Men want a woman who will prove to be faithful no matter what and never result to infidelity. Women have every right to parity that feeling. Men possess that ardent desire to have that woman who will be there for them through unfortunate predicaments. A man wants a woman that makes him feel special every day, little things like coquettish activity and saying "your the best man in the world". These are big factors in determining what is a good relationship.
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i totally agree with zexy!!!! he has nailed it in the head!!! i think that sums your question all up!!! way to go zexy!!!
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I agree with you Zexion and all you said is very right.
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Thank you ladies so much. I do have personal experience and I speak from them.
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It has been my experience, that men want sex, they want you to take care of them like a mother. They want a servant. They do not want any restrictions on their life or behavior. They want someone who is there when needed, and not there the rest of the time. One who speaks when spoken to, and does not demonstrate affection in public. They want a woman who is beautiful, so their friends will admire them, but one who acts like a nun when around other people. They also want a good cook.
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Would like to say it is very nice to have the gentlemen speak up and say what they feel, they are right, when you been hurt, you just hold back, it is hard to brake down the wall, once again nice message gentlemen....

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