What do you do when someone you like just wants to be single without any relationships?


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Been there many times.. Here's what I found to be the best thing to do.
If you've already let them know how you feel about them and they responded with: I'm not looking for anything serious or I don't want to get involved at the moment.  Then what you need to do is just give him/her some space and continue to be a friend.  Hopefully they'll notice you're a good guy/girl and will come around.  In situations like these you just have to sit back and wait for the person to be ready for a relationship.
Sometimes it'll work sometimes it won't but if you really like the person you would rather have friendship rather than no relationship right?  Anyhow, good luck.. I know it sucks. Loving/liking someone that doesn't feel the same way about you hurts bad but you'll get through it. Hopefully the person you like will come around one day soon.
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It's their choice, if they want to be single then that's what they want, if you like them except that and carry on liking them, you don't do anything.

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