What Makes Women Happy In Relationships?


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A lot of things make women happy in relationships.
Women are happy knowing that their partners love them, care for and about them and respect them.
It's certainly not all a physical thing - that's only a part of the whole thing.
Women like to be treated as equals, kindly and as well as being lovers it's important to be best friends too.
Just like men , women like to feel special and to be told how special they are. No one likes to be lied to or find that their partner has been dishonest so truthfulness and honesty are very important. being able to laugh together is really important, laughters good for everyone. If you can share interests and include your partner in your plans that's great too. If men and women take time to ask and find out what makes each other happy that always helps
Give compliments, spend special time together and take time to make sure you do things you both enjoy together. Both men and women should care and respect each others needs.
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Women can be defined as a very delicate hearted personality, who can be happy only if the person whom she loves is happy.People who say that it is very difficult to make a woman happy is actually making themselves cleared from the responsibility of taking care of their wife.

A woman simply wants complete attention from a person whom she loves. She wants that the person keeps on asking her health, he should ask about her feelings and he must take opinion of any decision he is about to take. Normally most of the men forget the date of birth of their wife , this is yet another irritating situation for a woman and after almost every fourth night he should take her out for candle night dinner.

A loving husband or partner should arrange birthdays and anniversaries in such a manner that should convey a message how much the lady means to his life. Many woman also get irritated due to men's habit of keep watching TV and especially watching matches ignoring the lady.

So at the end I would only like to say that always try to give her attention because women only strive for love, care and attention.

Try this you will never fail in relationship.
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It depends on the woman. We all like different things. Some women like romance, others like money, some go for looks, some like stability. No matter what you have to offer, there will be some women out there who will want it and others that won't. So you just have to be yourself, find a woman that you mesh with, and find out what makes her happy.
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Honesty is the number one thing that makes women happy. Being able to trust her mate and have faith in him in every thing that he do. Also, having someone to confide in and open her whole heart to, knowing that he will always understand makes women happy as well.
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Just be your ultimate self as a man/woman don't placate on what you are not, both parties would be happy about that.
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Treat her with respect and listen to what she has to say. Many women will let you know in a subtle way what they want, and if you offer to buy something and they say, no, surprise them later. There was a lamp I adored, and everytime my boyfriend would offer to buy it for me on the spot, would say no. Then my sister told him that I did not want to be greedy, but if I admired something should get it for me. Sure enough, a few days later, came home and the lovely lamp was there on my bookcase. Was thrilled to bits

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