What Things Make You Happy?


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Sharing time with my family and friends, reading a good book, working out and losing myself in aggressive music.
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Adriana Love Bunny
Il love eating food ,dessert
Jeanne Gore
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Things that make me happy are animals, bright colours, funny and cheerful people, flowers, trees, and a full moon. Sometimes it is not easy to make me happy, but these things really do help people.
Jeanne Gore
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.....and little children make me happy, too, because they are honest.
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Taking Care Of People.. Baking Treats For People.. Writing In My Journal..  Listening To My Cd Collection When I Walk.. Making People Laugh..Of Course Eating Dove Chocolates  Ranks Right Up There.. Eating Dove Chocolates While Taking A Lavender Scented Bubble Bath.. As Candles Are Glowing.. Really Tops It..  It Doesn't Take Much To Make Me Happy.. I Don't Need Diamonds Or Pearls. I Need Someone To Smile When I Have Made Them Laugh.. Is That Too Odd??
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Yeah, other people being happy... Mostly! (JK)
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The sound of childrens laughter, seeing someone being rewarded for hard work,
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Seeing other people smile, looking at the sun setting, being with friends, life, people who don't fight and start meaningless trouble, and many other things. :)
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A field of dandelions, beagle puppies, making cookies, playing fun viddy games like Kingdom Hearts, listening to music I can loose myself in, singing a song I know by heart (whether my singing is horrible or not ^.^), making art, being congratulated for something I've done well, being told thank you, making someone smile, accomplishing something very hard, completing something that took a long time, being individual, being with the ones I love (family/friends), spending time with the one I love, and candy, particularly Skittles! =D
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You have a lot of good answers here already. (smile) but i believe "hievery1" as basicly coverd what my answer would have been. Real nice question here too,if i might add. So seeing *a question like this* ask from someone will also be added to one of the things that make me happy....(my smile)
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Kids presence makes me happy, my sweet heart beeing happy makes me happy, above all my family members good health makes me happy.
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A big plate of Mexican fajitas with homemade tortillas and charra beans. Gosh, I love Mexican food!!!! We also get those marinated carrots and some really good chips and salsa.
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MMM, let's see now.  Other people make me happy.  Chatting with a good friend makes me happy.  Listening to music makes me happy.  Watching a good flic makes me happy. Making NEW friends makes me happy.  All in all, I am  a happy person period.
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I choose to be happy every single day. I don't need anything to make me happy, I just do it all by myself. Every day when I wake up, I think about what I can do to make this the best day ever.

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