What are some things that make people happy?


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Some things that make people happy are-family, friends, a good night sleep and even coffee. Or knowing that they are loved is another one. :)

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Kathryn Amis
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Now that's a thought provoking question Angela! Here are some of the things that make me happy - but I bet some are the same for most people, but some are just particular to me!

Being in the bosom of my family
Seeing my family health, happy, contented and prospering. Being useful in society-working, paying my way. A warm home on a cold winter's day. Lovely clean, ironed bed linen and a good book at bedtime. The love of a good man
A good manicure and eyelash shaping!

........and so much more x
Rooster Cogburn
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Sounds ideal, Kathryn !
Lard Ass
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Thanks Kathryn! Some of the same things that bring me happiness! :)
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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Being near people you love and care for ! Soon life will be very happy for me and I can't wait! Being with my lady will make me the happiest of all. :)

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Movies, writing stories, yes sleeping.

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