Will Relationships Affect My Studies?


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A girl/boy relationship will affect your studies only if you allow it.  If you talk on the phone instead of doing homework, it will have a negative impact on your school work.  If you day dream in class about the other person and not listen to the teacher, it will affect your concentration.  If you go out with your special friend rather than reading the assigned chapter then, yes,  it will have a negative impact.  However, none of these things need happen if you do not allow it.  You are in charge of your time.  You can enjoy your time with your girlfriend/boyfriend after you have completed your school work.  You can tell her/him that you will call after you have taken care of your assignments.  You are the one that can avoid having a conflict between your studies and your relationship with another person.  You sound like a dedicated student and you can certainly be proud of that.  You can also be a person who enjoys life and enjoys another person's presence in your life.  It just takes a little juggling of your time.

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