Does having a relationship affect your academic performance?


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I expect you mean hack, not an advisable thing to do , as it is illegal . 
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Hey Kaitlyn thanks for the helpful. Anyway all I can say is for me and a lot of my friends the answer would be a definite yes. When I started college I was in a long term relationship and while I did fine, I did do much better when I was single. I actually went from two majors to three. But here's the question - did I throw my self into school to help distract myself? Maybe but even when I was over it I school was still my main focus. I was on a roll when I met my future husband and well lets just say I haven't finished one major let alone three. First it was the beginning love obsession,  then the vacations, the engagement the oops we got pregnant while planning our wedding... If you think its affecting your education then maybe you should re think your relationship. Is he the one? If so don't you want to do as well for yourself as you can because that will affect your relationship later. You don't want any resentments,or wish I woulda's and I'm sure you want to be able to provide the best you can for yourself and perhaps a future family. Unfortunately talking to a male about this could potentially not be all that helpful as males can compartmentalize emotions and we can't. Hope everything works out and like my aunt always tells the young females in the family "don't trade stupid for cute" that one can go so many ways :)

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