My Boyfriend/fiance Always Ignores Me Anytime His Friends Are Around Or Any One Else For That Matter And I Dont Understand It?


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He is showing you what is important to him - everyone else is more important than you are. Understand that if he is like this when you are dating then it will 100 times as bad if you marry him. Show him that you are smart enough to understand what he is doing by telling him that you are going to date others who find you more interesting - and do it. Bad fiancees make bad husbands.
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I completely understand! I just talked to my boyfriend about this today. It drives me crazy..actually it hurts my feelings more than anything. I told him today that I feel completely invisible..he doesn't acknowledge me enough..

I swear I 'm standing right next to him when he's talking to anyone and it's like I"m not there. Also, any guy friend of his ..even if he met them after me....seems way more important..they are like attached to each's so annoying! So, believe me I have been dealing with the same stuff..

When we first met we used to do everything together and he was my best least I thought I either have to accept and realize that I'm replaced lol or just do my own thing..I mean ..hell, I guess a lot of guys are like this..
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Yeah, My fiancee' Does the same exact thing. So what you should do Is pull him aside away from his friends and rip him a new one.
Guys are trainable and it'll take time but soon you'll realize there is time and place for everything, if he does that with his friends, then tell him, when he's with his friends, don't hang out with you. It's the best solution, and maybe you should tell him not to bring them around you, and what not. 
Honey, I know you like him, but sometimes you got to put your foot down and tell him how you feel, and always give two alternatives, Either pay some attention to you when he's with his friends, or just hand out with them without you around. That's how I solved it. =P
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Men are not trainable. They will change to please you, but they have to do it on there own. Our years down the road you will be hated.
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One reason could be is that he spends to much time with you and sometimes he just needs to talk and have fun with other people...

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