Why Can Friends Sometimes Be Very Mean To You?


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Sometimes friends can be jealous of you or what you have. People like that are not worth friendship.
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I had a friend named  (m) she was my best friend but now she's not because she was very mean to me and always jealous . I didn't know the reason but I didn't care and when she needs help I used to help her , you know ( a friend in need is a friend indeed ) . But once , I faced a problem and needed her , she just said : I'm playing a videogame and I can't help right now! I was really shocked and didn't believe anything she said , but it was a fact.

The moral is : Do not believe any friend , a time will come you'll find that your own friend is mean to you but he want to be your friend because he is searching for his own benefit.
But not all friends are like that because there are TRUE friends but sometimes they r just nervous or sad of something and seem to be mean.
But you can always give a first chance..
All the best..
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Well the thing is they could just be jealous of you. Don't worry about it those are obviously the friends you need to stay away from. But if your really good friends with them don't just sit back and let them be mean to you. Because then there going to thinks its okay to just push you around. Just sit down with them and tell them how you feel about it because it could just be something going on in there life and if sitting down with them and talking it over with them doesn't work then those really aren't the friends you need....:)
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Some people are irritable - raised or born that way - and have a harder time trying to be polite.
Being mean is fun. Wiser to consider other peoples feelings and point of view.
A friend, neighbor or customer can be upset at someone/something else. Then effort is needed to be that way to others.

Love might be thought of as layers of forgiveness and affection.

Learning to forgive when the trouble continues is difficult but priceless.
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Some times because they envy you. I have a friend who is like that, but I love her. It is like this, some times they treat you like they actually feel.
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There are several reasons why friends can be mean or hurtful. Maybe they feel hurt by something you did and you don't even realize that you did it. They may be jealous, or just not know how to deal with their emotions. Since there are so many reasons that might be behind this, I suggest that you talk to your friend to find out what's up. Communication is the key to healthy friendships, and a good friend is one who is willing to talk to you about it. If they are not willing to talk to you or listen to your side of the story, then you may want to find some better friends.
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I'm not sure how old you are but sometimes younger girls can be really mean! I think this is to make them feel better about their own lives. If they don't feel happy in life they try and make those who are feel like them. This can happen all they way through growing up and I even get it now and I'm 27!!!I
The best way to deal with it is to look at your own life and if your happy then you have won, to be happy in life is the best gift you can ever wish for. Good luck!
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Friends who are mean or rude are not true friends. You need to avoid them if they are repeatedly doing the same thing (I mean if they are rude or mean). Because sometimes life of a person depends upon the friends you choose

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