Why is it wrong to be brutally honest to a friend who you dislike?


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Arthur Wright answered
Because youll hurt that person without ever knowing youre doing it as you wont care about them
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Maxine Chan
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A friend of hers was brutally honest and she was rolling her eyes and being all bitchy but I know she is insecure on the inside and her friend says she is too soft.
Arthur Wright
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People will always usually say something stupid so best to learn how to ignore most and they usually do go away. Is this picture, the real you?
Arthur Wright
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Ok then I wont say what I was thinking here, sorry
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No because sometimes being brutally honest to someone about their bad points or qualities is the best way to "hit home" and maybe stop this person from being so mean or nasty to other people.
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It sno wrong if she or he is your true friend and your honesty is coming from a place of love but if you don't like them they are not your friend unless two faced and say you like them when you don't and thats as wrong as you can get but if you don't like someone and your brutally honest than its called rudeness and the problem with brutal honesty is some people don't agree with the fact that it is honesty some people may think it lies so unless your being brutally honset with a very very close friend  I wouldnt do it
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Sorry Maxine but I fail to understand, how you can say you are a friend,if you dislike the person.

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