Why is it a bad idea to hang out with a friend who beat you up or a person you care about?


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Janey answered
Well it shows they have no respect for you or the other person and if it's done once, it could happen again in the heat of the moment.Sure friends fall out and argue all the time, that's just human nature.But they shouldn't beat up other friends or those they care about - that crosses the line of what you can do and what you shouldn't.
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Maxine Chan
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Yeah and yet she is still friends with her,. Must be cuz she reminds the time her dad beat her mom up and feels closer to her. Guess being abusives trigers being close to another person.
Sarah Johnson
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More than likely she goes back to him because the feeling accepted in between is worth the risk. And women in those situations are famous for being hopeful that 'he'll change'.
Maxine Chan
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No, he did not change.
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Arthur Wright answered
Because it shows that you condone their actions
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Maxine Chan
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You let them be that way? My friend still hangs out with the friend that beat up her boyfriend.
Arthur Wright
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Maybe it was planned that way and she may need him to do it again

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