Is it a bad idea for a 15 year old girl to go over a a 15 year old guy's house even if he has a friend over and you bring a friend with you?


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Being a friend for sure /

You are your own person, so you know what right or wrong.

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I wish I could've added more detail to my question. These two guys sometimes smoke/drink and they only ask us over when the one guys parents aren't home so do you think they really are that bored or do they have bad intentions?
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Bring a friend for sure /
Stupid auto correct
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You're fine, I knew what you meant haha.
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They want you there when the parents are gone.

Even I can see through that one.

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I mean I don't know if they'd have e nerve to try anything on my friemd and I because they don't seem like straight up rapists that are 15 years old so idk hahaha

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