Is it bad im 15 dating a 22 year old?


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Well,  the  laws  say  if  you  date anyone 4 years older than yourself and for  example  your  15 and  he is  22  that  by  law that  is  7 years difference its  illegal  unless  your  parents  agree There was  a  man  who  was  age 39  and  this girl from the  chat line  met  this guy , she  was only  16  but her mother  signed  custodian  rights  over  to  him Once  he became  her  became her  guadian he  signed  papers  and  He married  her  and there  was  nothing  no one could  do  to him But the sad  note  He left  her  with kids and moved out  of  her  life
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Well yeah you a Girl and it depends on what state you live in if you can!
But yeah hes after one thing!
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brittany White
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I live in VA and he keeps telling me he wants to settle with a girl.. I kinda believe him and i really like him..
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Yes, and you will relixe its a bad thing once you are that age. If your 22 and see one of your 22 year old friends dating a 15 year old, you wuld think of that person as the biggest scum bag pedifile you have ever met
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Your comment makes me sick , cause the females are just as bad , as the males and they are pedophiles too , what about a female 22 going out a 15 year old male ?

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