Is There A 13-15 Year Old Dating Site?


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Although not specifically a dating site for 13-15 year olds; teen only chat rooms have specialised rooms which cater for teens who are looking to date.

321 Teen Chat is one of the largest online teen chat room sites. You are able to either chat in the site’s ‘lobby’ or create a public free chat room of your own; enabling you to make a dating room for 13 -15 year olds.  You are able to choose an icon or avatar to represent you and you can also fill out a full profile to let people know a little about you. Please note you should always stay safe by never revealing personal information like telephone numbers or your home address or school. You must be at least thirteen years old to participate in the chats on 321 Teen Chat.

Another teen-based chat room website is  This site lets you watch users' personal videos as well as join chat rooms. You can also post questions that other users can help with or why not take their love tester. There is also a large selection of games to play while on the site.

Please be aware you can never be 100 per cent sure who the person you are chatting to really is. As mentioned previously never give out personal information over the Internet and it is advisable to seek permission from your parents or guardian before joining any of the above websites.
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Try checking with but I doubt you will find anything because most you need to be age of majority. Children or young people are prey for horrible people who want to take advantage and bring harm. Best to go and start a profile on facebook and invite friend, and soon, friend will invite more friends your age and so on
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Yes there is I made one now
you its for 13 - 16

make your own profile to
-Webcams !
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Don't waste your life with relasonships just yet! I would stay focused on your GCSE'S and starting your A-levels.
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No that is an illegal site of that
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You should'nt be on an internet dating site unless your a legal adult try sticking to people in your town

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