Is There Any Dating Sites For Teens?


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First of all make sure that the site you choose is reputable, if it advertises itself with words like ‘single and looking’, stay away: Chat rooms on these kinds of sites can get nasty.

Choose an online name that can’t identify you, and make sure it’s not suggestive because that’s just asking for trouble.

Don’t give out personal information in the early days, and when you feel ready to share a little more, keep it vague, no last names, and no address; knowing the town you live in is enough.

If you decide to chat outside of the site, use a different email account. They are easy to set up and ones like Hotmail, GMail and Yahoo email are free.

There’s no need to rush into meeting someone that you’ve met online, and don’t let them rush you, even if you feel that you know them really well. He might tell you he looks like Justin Bieber and is a good boy, but he could be a dirty old man in a mac really! Even if he sends you a photo, you cannot be sure that’s him.

If you do want to take things further, just chat on the phone and block your number.
If you decide that you would like to meet this person, do it in a public place, with friends, in the daytime and make sure that someone knows where you are going. Don’t go home with him, and don’t leave your friends and go with him somewhere else on your own.

There have been many successful romances that started out online and yours could be one of them. Just take it slow, and above all, be safe.
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I wouldn't advice using a dating site in your teens, I'm 28 and have been using them and had nothing but problems, don't go there please it not worth it, you will find somebody a whole lot nicer if you just wait a while. Good luck
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Check out Unevenly Yoked and meet new friends. This site is not all about dating and flirting, you can find someone who has the same interest as yours, chat with them and discuss bible matters. It is a good site especially for your age.
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I agree. It's very dangerous for a boy or a girl. There are predators out there that like both sexes. Usually you can meet other teens through your friends. Have a party at your house and have each friend bring two other friends you don't know. Be creative!
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Espin is The safest. It helps you chose what to say so you can't say "lets meet or anything" It is also an online spin the bottle. It is a great site where mum and dad will be ok with.
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Yea you can go on myspace or localhookupz. But then again just make sure you put your right age for local hookupz or you'll get some nasty men trying to talk to you. These are the sites I go to.
Hope I've helped
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A 16 year old should not be dating strangers online.
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If you are sent a picture, and you want to check out if they found it on Facebook, Google YouTube or whatever, use tinyeye, they reverse search the photo. This means that they search billions and billions of pictures over the web to see if it is copied!!! It may still be unreal though. Photoshop can change things...

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No. That's what school is for. Internet dating is bs. How are you going to make a relationship with someone if you can't even get the courage to talk face to face? I know it's scary (I never dated in high school even though I had many chances) but just push yourself. What's the worst that can happen? Date while you're still green and shinning and the future is wide open. It's harder to date when you're older and your future turned out to be pure sh*t and you're a loser.
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No there are not preteen dating sites. You have to be a adult to go on these. Life is to short to rush things. Stay away from online dating sites. There are too many predators out there. Just go to school and have fun and meet your upcoming boyfriends there or around town, where you live, with parental supervision...please...
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YUP! MySpace.comm oughtta do the trick. :] BE HONEST, though. About everything. & Don't wait for them to come to you ; be outgoing, start talking to people. {[But do background checks.]} Be safe. & Good luck.
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I don't think internet dating is safe you really don't know whos on the other side of the computer screen and it will just cause problems in the long run if it is a real person...but anyway I really think that you should wait. Someone right will come along.
There are plenty of sites where middle-aged men look for teens. The best and safest site is your local church.

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