Im Dating My 5th Cousin, Is It Bad? Been Together For Almost A Year, Didnt Grow Up Together, Hadn't Ever Seen Him Before Dating Him In My Life. Havent Told Him But We Are Both Serious About This Relationship.


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Okay don't worry because you should be happy not worried because 5th cousin doesnt matter at all!! I mean you don't have to even tell him because seriously its not illegal or gross or anything like that!! And plus it sounds like he is a really kool guy and why should you worry when you should be soaking up his love!!!
I Hope This Helped!!
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All the Best
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A fifth cousin is not close enough to worry about in my book. If one goes back far enough we would all be cousins.
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Some things skip 3 or or 4 generations. He may have the genes of a serial killer and you may be related to Lizzie Borden.

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