So I am a sophomore in high school. My parents are very strict about dating and I've been secretly dating this guy that is 2.5 years older than me for awhile now, and I think I might be in love with him... Is this a bad idea? What should I do?


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The thing is how old are you?..That is the biggest concern. The fact that your parents are strict with your dating issues indicates that you are either below 16 (for western states) or 18 ..and this is  gonna be a dangerous venture. You're still young.

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I don't think that staying with a guy who's older than you is a bad idea but the fact that you're not saying it to your family might be. It doesn't mean that as soon as you start dating a guy you like you should tell your parents... But if things get serious than it would be better to share it with at least one of them. It is not an obligation though, there are people who hide their love life away from their family and that's totally fine. But you might be a minor and in these cases things might be a little trickier.

Are both your parents really strict? Or do you think you could talk about it with your mom maybe?  Sometimes we think our parents are less understanding or stricter than they actually are. If you open up with one of your parents  you might find out that they're not as strict as you thought they were.

The thing is that, you can't hide this forever as they will eventually find out. You should give it a try, maybe give some hints to your mom and see how she reacts. Or you could also introduce him  as a friend and let your parents get used to him and his presence. They might end up liking him too, and most importantly they will get to know him and see you two together!

Here is an identical question that was asked a while ago and maybe you can find some other suggestions as well as the answer I gave. Best of luck!

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