Why do I like him? I've been in love with this guy for a year I dated him for 3 months and he treats me terribly, He verbally abuses me and he touches me all the time, grabbing my butt in public, and try's to kiss me.


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Tom Jackson answered

Because relationships---even bad ones---tend to be habituating, even when they are less than perfect---and apparently yours is definitely less than perfect.

Your situation is not at all unusual---at least the part about you "loving" him despite the way he treats you.

But why do you think that you wouldn't be better off with someone who loves you in return----and shows that love to you?

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Walt O'Reagun answered

To put it bluntly ... If you put up with abusive behavior, you're an idiot.

There is ZERO chance of him changing, as long as you put up with it.
And do NOT believe any promise of change, until you see it.

Abusive relationships only get worse, until you are dead.

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Michael Poland answered

It always seems that you always want,

what you can't have.

Then when you get it, it's not that

great after all.

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jassic skys answered

Leave him, he doesn't sound g

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