So I'm a sophomore in high school and I've been on a few dates with a senior who I know is more experienced than me. Do guys not like it when the girl is inexperienced with kissing and stuff?


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I think what's important is that you don't feel pressure to do anything that you don't like or are not ready for. If he truly likes you for you then it will not matter how experienced you are. Take things slow, stay true to yourself, know and value your worth. Good luck.

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For some reason the song Teach Me Tiger by April Stevens just popped into my head:

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My daughter asked my wife and I a similar question about 19 years ago and I can remember my reply as if it were yesterday.If a guy likes you enough, things will move along at a pace you control. Experience does not matter. His manners are what matter the most. A true gentleman knows the meaning of no or stop. Don't let him sweet talk you into anything you don't want to do. If he tries to overstep his boundaries or mistreat you because you are not ready, let me know so I can break his legs.  :)

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