How Do I Get My Husband To Stop Hanging Out With This Guy Who Is Clearly A Bad Influence?


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That is a tough question. He is so excited to be back in his home town with his old buddies. He feels bonded to them and wants things to be the way they were when he left. I am sure he knows this guy is a bad influence. But he also probably thinks it wont influence him. Do you suspect that he is doing any of the things the other guy is doing? Is it influencing him?

Personally, I would be very upset if my husband was hanging out all the time with this guy, drinking and partying. It is fine for him to go out and enjoy life. But when it is becoming a habit, and he is spending less time with you and your kids, it is a problem. You have a baby on the way, and a million things flying through your head right now. He should respect that and be helping you out. You need to sit him down and have a serious talk. Tell him exactly how it makes you feel when he is out all the time. You are both very young parents and got married very young. He doesn't want to grow up, most men don't. But he has to accept responsibility for his actions. He isn't a teenager any more. He is an adult and should be acting like one. You don't want to come off as the nagging wife, but you need to voice your opinion. This is the beginning of a long road together. It is not good to be having serious problems right off the bat. He should really start to be home more considering you are due in a couple months. You will need him around a lot more with a new born and a 2 yr old in the house. It might be easier for you to get him to stop going out so much, than it would be to get him to not hang out with that guy in particular. He will probably be very defensive if you just start to "attack" his buddy. But, if you have noticed that he is influencing your husband, make sure to tell him the negative things you have noticed since he has been going out all the time. Hopefully, your man will realize that you need him around. He can't be out all the time. Maybe he can set aside a night a week for guys night out. You can't keep him prisoner, but he shouldn't be free to do whatever whenever either.
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It will never can't change a man. You have to learn to trust him and have faith in his choices and decisions. Try expressing the reasons for these feelings and don't get angry. Maybe he will listen to you and take some of your feelings under consideration- believe me, I know
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It's not going to have to have faith and trust in your husband

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