How Do I Stop This Hurt Feeling I Have That My Husband Is Hiding Something?


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You say again which makes me think he has hurt you in some way before, perhaps hiding a vice, or cheating.  If this has happened before, and he is behaving in the same manner now, then keep your eyes open discreetly.  Do not confront him unless you have positive proof.  Do not let him convince you that it's due to your emotions.  If you feel this hurt but have no reason to believe he is hiding something, still keep your suspicions to yourself and forgive him for his past behavior.  Forgive him for yourself, not for him.  If he has been physically violent, then you must extract yourself before he becomes aware.  You know in your heart whether it is just old wounds not healed, or if there is behavior to corroborate your feelings.  Act accordingly and my best wishes to a positive solution for you.  Marriage is hard and complicated work.
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I have the same problem. Only I have tricks up my sleeve to catch him so if you leave home to go to work set up some kind of surveillance in your home where he's at most of the time check phone call details and some cell phone companies, let you check text messages online as well. If you don't hear or see anything suspicious maybe he really changed. Or if he's telling you he's with one of his buddies ask to speak to him. When you are setting things up make sure he doesn't know what your doing my husband is clueless
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You're on the right track. Stay positive. Marriages are based on trust. If you trust him, and it sounds like you do, just trust him and support him. Whatever his hurt is right now, your love and support will help him through it. Time will help heal whatever he's going through, and it'll be easier for him to come to you with the truth.

Our thoughts are with you. Good luck!
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You need to talk it out with your husband just to give you the answer and peace of mind.  You need to do it in a nice way. But just be careful if he did it to you one time chances are he might do it again. If he gets defensive then it might be that he's up to something but if he talks about it openly then it might just be you feeling insecure. If that's the case maybe you need to plan something like a romantic dinner or vacation just so you two can connect with each other.
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The only thing you could do is keep trying but also talk to him about it. If he loves you as much as you love him he'll understand and maybe even spend some extra quality time together. BUT normally womans intuition is right so the first time you were right but there maybe a chance he is doing it again but its normally just fear and your nerves. Especially if he works away or is gone for a long time. The main give aways are staying out for long periods of time even after work but using the same lame escuses all the time and getting overprotective if you bring up the subject as if he is keeping something from you. If he is the signs with fit together but you MUST have trust to continue this relationship.
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Talk to him about how you feel or maybe even talk to his friends about whats happening or if he is hiding something it could be a good thing like a present just don't worry and just think and hope for the best x !

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