Me and my friend are always arguing and like she always says sorry and like i forgive her but like now we got in to this big arguement and like idk if i should forgive her...I am so mad for what she did.....WHAT SHOULD I DO?


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I know that you seem to be upset at your friend... But think about why you are friends with her in the first place. Eventually you both will forgive each other because friends like that you can't really find anywhere else. Stay true but hold your ground. When you are ready to talk to her then tell her how you feel and ask her how she feels too. 2 sides of the story makes better sense than one side, doesn't it?

Also, I'M SUPER curious, what did your friend do to make you feel SO dang UPSET at her this much compared to the other times??? I bet a lot of us wants to know. PLUS, we can give better advices and or answers to your question.

I hope you find peace within yourself to forgive her... You know what to do. =)
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We can never move forward in life unless we stop holding onto the past. Holding resentment and hostility against whoever you were arguing with won't do anything but just make you stay feeling mad. Just take a break for the night and don't think about the argument or anybody or anything that was involved in your argument. Tomorrow morning after a good nights sleep just breath deep and try to find a way to forgive your friend. Only after you find a way to forgive your friend for whatever happened will you feel better. Remember its not always easy finding a way to forgive people, but think about it, if you lose your friend and win your argument, did you really end up winning in the long run? Everything feels better with time, so just take a break until your nerves are calmed then see if you can find it within you to forgive your friend.
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You should never hold onto hatred or anger. It's like holding onto a hot coal in order to throw it at someone, you get the brunt of the burn.
However, if you and your friend are arguing so often maybe it is time to move on from that friendship. You don't have to leave it on bad terms or in a flurry of insults. Just simply move on. Hope I helped!
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I would  recommend if   you  can't be friends  without arguing
than   its  best  to  say  , hey   I  am  sorry  and  than  move on
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Well everyone always makes mistakes and yes there will be times where you will forgive but sometimes if it really hurt your feelings and that person wont change then there shouldn't be a friendship between you and that person.
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Next time you forgive her. Tell her (with a serious look on your face) that you can't keep on just forgiving her forever while she does whatever she pleases. Tell her that this is serious and that you can't go on like this. Tell her: It's the last time.
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Fighting or arguing in relationships is quiet common. You should try to give a fresh statrt for your relationship. Go and ask her for a rejoin and try to remain calm.
With passage of time more understanding  between you two will develop.
Have a nice day.

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