Does My Boyfriend Really Love Me?


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Males are funny like that. When they are around their mates they feel the need to reject or ignore you to make themselves feel more important or "look cool" in front of their friends. Plus I suppose there is the fact that if they do show affection to you, they will pay for it later (with their friends making fun of them for it, etc).

The best thing you can do is talk to him about and let him know how you feel. Let him know that you don't like it that he ignores when he is around his friends. Ask him why he does it and as I say, you'll probably find he's doing it to "save face" in front of his mates. If that is the case, at least you know that it is nothing personal to you but rather his own insecurities. You do have the added evidence that he does obviously feel something for you in general as, as you say, he is "all over you" when you are alone, which is great.

If you can tough it out, this phase will pass. I have been through it before and it's just an immature thing more than anything. Once he grows up and his mates do too (and they all have girlfriends as well!) you'll find that the awkwardness that you (and he) feel will go away.

As I say though, communication is they key to any relationship. That, coupled with honesty, are the foundations to a loving and fulfilling relationship.
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How will i know if my boyfriend really loves me and care about me and never cheats on me how would i know that kind of things?
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I did that too but I'm a girl, to my boyfriend he's said I didnt but I'm sure I did because we was at the roller rink on a 'date' and my friend and her brother were there and I talked to them more than I did my boyfriend I felt guilt after so I just talked to him and he said he didnt mind coz some of his friends were there too

I would say talk to him about it and if he doesnt realise hes doin it just point it out to him if he does it again hope it helps message me on how you get on
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Boys usually have a habit of ignoring their girl friends in front of other people specially in front of their friends since they fear their friends will make fun of him if he gives too much importance to girl friend.But if you feel much annoyed then clearly tell him to stop ignoring you in front of everybody.
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Look your boyfriend can be one of those types of guys that don't want to let there friends now they really like a girl.But then again it takes a true man to show his girlfriend he is really in love no matter who or what is around him. I've had it happen to me and what I did was talk to him and let him now that I didn't feel that was right and if he really does like you like he says he does then trust that he'll change to keep you in his life!
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Guys usually are jerks around their friends, but if he really loves you then he shouldn't be ignoring you when he is around his friends. Just talk to him, and tell him how it makes you feel, and things should work out.
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Well what you should do is tell everyone that yall go out because right now he is shy to tell everybody yall go out and he is afraid of what people will say but if every one knew he would be okay tell me how it works out.
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My boyfriend does that too, but he is almost NEVER without his friends!! Its FREAKIN annoying ;(
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This has happen to me before and if you want my advise NO he doesnt love you he may really like you but if he loved you he wouldnt care if he was infront of his friends he would akt the same as he does in publick

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