Why Does My Boyfriend Hug Me Really Tightly From Behind?


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Lucy Burroughs answered
Many guys will hug their girlfriends from behind because it's a protective, romantic and practical way of giving you a cuddle. I think it's just meant as a loving and affectionate gesture, but if it makes you uncomfortable, you should still tell him.

How Is Hugging From Behind More Protective?
In several ways, actually!
  • He's literally "got your back."
  • Nothing can come up behind you and scare you, because he's there to keep you safe.
  • Any potential threats will know right away that you have somebody there to protect you.

Why Is It Romantic?
  • If your boyfriend hugs you from behind in public, he's showing everybody that he cares for you.
  • He's showing everybody that you're together - that's he's proud to be with you.
  • Your boyfriend is holding you closer than he would by hugging you from the front - the position of your bodies means you're touching more.

How Is It Practical? Well, say you're in public, talking to friends. If he hugs you from the front, you're going to have your face squished up against his chest, and you won't be able to breathe, let alone talk. If he hugs you from behind, both of you can engage in the conversation, and you get to feel each other close.
If you're at home - say you're cooking dinner - he can hug you from behind without getting in your way, and still show you some affection.

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My boyfriend does that too, I have no idea why - but I asked him and he said he never wants to let me go because I'm too important.
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I guess because girls' behinds feel soft and comforting, also it makes him feel like he is owning you.

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