I'm a girl and I don't plan on losing my virginity anytime soon but people have said that it will hurt. I'm terrified, does it really hurt or are they trying to scare me?


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For some women / girls - it does hurt a lot. For some, it doesn't. For me, breaking the hymen hurt and I had mild cramps (like period cramps) for about a day. Then all was fine.

This is like childbirth. You could have your first sexual experience with some blood (because the hymen was broken during sex) and a little bit of pain; or it could really hurt during penetration and then you're fine. Don't let anyone scare you about this. It's nothing to get all worked up about. When you are ready for your first sexual experience, make sure you and your partner are BOTH using birth control and secondly, remember to relax and trust your partner.

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It usually does hurt and is uncomfortable for several times after that.  I was really excited and couldn't wait to have sex the first time, so the pain wasn't a big deal.  In your teens, it's normal to think about sex all the time.  It was a huge relief to get it over with.  Having sex does give you a good 5-6 hours when you don't think about sex and then it all starts up again.

If you are really worried, ask a gynecologist about ways to make it more comfortable.

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Well, of course it'll hurt a tad bit. You may be uncomfortable because it will be a new feeling for you... :p

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no it doesnt really hurt but it all depends on you but dont rush it i did and it was an aweful mistake for me i shouldve waited i regret so much.

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No matter who you are you  will of course at least feel a little pain when it comes to your first time but the more tense you are the worse it hearts. Also the rougher he puts it the worse it hurts so for your first time I would recommend you be relaxed and have him take his time. There's no rush

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Okay, I’ll be honest with you here; having sex for the first time usually hurts but that pain is different for everybody. It might hurt a lot for some people, while others will only feel a little bit of pain.

The best way to describe the feeling is as sort of pressure down there.

But while the pain you experience when you lose your virginity is definitely a little scary to think about, it’s nothing that should make you feel super terrified. It’s not that bad.

Haha, good luck.

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