Boyfriend is upset because I made a change don't have him stay Friday night at my home. It's too much. He thinks he should be able to stay and keeps hounding me. How can I put it to him bluntly without seeming like a threat? He is trying to control.


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Cookie Roma answered

Your boyfriend is telling you who he is...listen!

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PJ Stein answered

Did you tell him it is too much? If so and he is not respecting that, then he probably isn't respecting you in other areas as well. I would take it as a sign of him trying to control you and by sign I mean a red flag with flashing light s on it. You may want to rethink the whole relationship.

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Tom Jackson answered

Each of us needs both personal space and personal time no matter what kind of relationship we are in---including happy and satisfying marriages.

This is about boundaries.

And in any relationship, not only are boundaries are essential, they demand absolute respect.

Stand your ground on this one.

Be as blunt as you need to be---sometimes a 2x4's is the most effective communication "enhancer."

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