Used to have boyfriend stay over all week end, friday night to sunday night. Boyfriend is upset because I am making changes to this scenario because I feel we get on each others nerves. He thinks I am unfair because he has no say so?


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If it is your place he is staying at, why would he think he would have a say? Your house, your rules.

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I thought we advised you the last time you asked to rethink your relationship with him. I see you stayed with him so why the question again? Look it's OBVIOUS he is more into the relationship then you are. STOP stringing the poor guy along and cut him loose! He deserves to be happy just as much as you do!

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If it's YOUR home .. And he is an invited guest .. Then, he has no say so.  He can accept an invitation if he is given one ,, but, he can not invite himself over. 

However .. Considering you are in a relationship .. You also need to consider working out and communicating your issues that arise.  THIS is a difference of opinion or preference.  You need to talk about it, and find a resolve .. Even if it's a compromise. A compromise might be something like every 2nd weekend OR instead of all 3 nights .. only 1 or 2 (for example)

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You do need to deal with the fact that you have a relationship with him and that you are requiring a significant change in the amount of time you spend together.

I love all my grandchildren, but I would not want to have anyone of them spend every weekend for the rest of my life with me (emergency excepted)---and that's quite an acceptable response. Everybody needs time to themselves on a regular basis.

On the other hand, if anyone of my grandchildren had been spending every weekend of their lives with me since they were a year old, I think I would absolutely owe them an explanation of why things were changing, and it would certainly be appropriate to come to some sort of accommodation with them if I wanted to continue the relationship with my grandchildren.

And, I'm paying the rent would not be workable reason.

So to that extent, who's paying the rent should not be the sole factor or reason used---if you want to continue the relationship.

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