My boyfriend is constantly forgetting about me... Our plans, to call me, or even that I'm on the phone after he puts me on hold. Is there something wrong with me? What am I suppose to do?


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Nothing..Maybe he jus wants to be alone for a while? Or maybe he is going through something..hrd times?...or more feasibly..he is being a jerk..most boys are like this ..they like a girl and date her and then after a while they think "well I hav her now" the spark goes...nex time you go 4 a boy make sure he is going to devote his time to you and is not just a see us girls..we like to e treated like princesses 8)..and thts what you are....8)..I say you need to show him the door..let yourself loose of such jerk ..he is not worth you if he cannot phone you and has to put the phone on hold! That is ridiculous! He is defo not going to grow into a very mature man with a woman with that deserve better!
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Yes, he should pay attention to you, if not get  a new boyfriend  who will pay attention to you, he sounds like he is being selfish and that is not right, some guys don't know how lucky they got it
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He sounds a bit selfish if you ask me, I just look at what you have sayd and I compare it to my own, if it was me and I did these things to my girlfriend then I would feel really bad in myself, so you need to wonder why your boyfriend doesnt feel like that, perhaps hes just selfish and caught up in his ownself, if he really did care for you then these things just wouldnt happen, need to make a choice and you do deserve better

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