What Is A Cute Nickname To Call My Boyfriend? His Name Is Kevin And I'm 13 (I Don't Want Anything Too Sexy!)


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If you're looking for a cute name for your boyfriend, here are a few suggestions based on the criteria you've given me:

Nicknames for guys called Kevin Because his name is Kevin, you may want to give him a fun nickname based on a famous Kevin.

Costner could be a good nickname based on the actor Kevin Costner.

K-Fed works along the same lines because it is the nickname used by Britney Spear's ex, Kevin Federline.

There's actually an entire book dedicated to the names of famous Kevins. You may want to buy it and check it out (and it also might make a funny joke birthday or Christmas present too!).

Cute nicknames for a guy called Kevin
Guys also like to feel tough and cool, so you should try and pick a name that embodies that image.
'Kevy' or 'my Kevumms' might sound cute when you're alone, but he might not like you shouting it across a shopping mall full of people when you need to get his attention.

Why not use his last name to make initials? For example, if his name is Kevin Brown, you could call him KB.

Alternatively, you might want to find a humorous nickname that rhymes with Kevin.

For example the word 'seven' rhymes with Kevin - so you could call him something like Kevin-up (a play on words with the popular carbonated beverage 7-Up). Kevin-11 works along the same lines.

If you want to be a bit more romantic, you might want to use words like 'my love' or 'my man', as this will show him you care about him.

Another good idea would be to use a word that reminds you of something he does. For example, if you know he likes playing guitar, you could call him 'rockstar'.

A cute idea would also be to have a name that gently pokes fun at him (but be careful not to offend him!). If he snores a lot, you could call him 'snorlax' which is the name of a Pokemon!
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Imogen Bailey answered

My boyfriend's called Logan so he's logie bear, it's a nickname his mum called him before she died so it means a lot to both of us and he calls me sweets :') he says im the sugar in his life. Try and think of something cute and sweet. Think of a nickname for kevin or a cute character from a film (i.e Pixar's up has a bird called kevin) or if you normally say something i.e your the sugar in my life then something to do with sugar is good (preferably dont steal mine haha ;) )

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