I just want to know if there is any support, tips, anything... So I know. I'm 16 almost 17 my bf is 16 and we want to have a baby and we talked with his parents and they support kinda, but we are too scared to talk to mine?


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Hard to know if you're trolling the site because you're bored or not. But here goes.

Sorry to be blunt, but you don't need to have children when you are not old enough to live on your own and raise them yourself.

Seriously - you want to have children when you haven't even graduated high school? I call BS on this question.

Finish high school, find a nice young man, marry this young man that has a job and an apartment and then settle down and have kids.

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You would be scared to talk to me if I was your parent, too. Do you and your bf have full time jobs? No, because you are not old enough to work full time. If you are not considered old enough to work 40 hours a week, what makes you thing you are old enough to care for a baby? Do you have a couple a grand stashed away just to pay for the things you will need for the baby, like a crib, stroller, carseat, diapers, clothes, formula? And who is going to watch the baby while you work or go to school? Your parents? Don't they have jobs of their own? Do everyone a favor, especially your unborn child, grow up before you decide to become a parent.

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What's the rush?  I have 5 kids do I do understand wanting to have children.  The thing is you don't just have kids because "you want it."  This isn't like getting a great new smart phone or even a new car.  Once you have kids you need to be ready, willing, and able to put your wants and needs behind the child's.  Life is no longer about you.  Beings financially stable is important but so is being emotionally (& maturity) stable.  At 16 (or 17) the odds that you two are ready are infinitesimal!!!!

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Why would you want to saddle yourself with a baby when you haven't enjoyed your teen years yet.  Having a baby is not romantic, it's throwing up, getting stretch marks and swollen ankles then when the baby comes how are you going to support it financially? 

Don't have a child until you have enough money to support it and yourself at 16 years old you're going to change a lot in the next few years.  It's irresponsible to be bringing a child into the world that you can't provide a loving stable home for.

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